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Prophecy Crafts Web Face for its Software
Released 2 June 2000

Listed enterprise software multinational Prophecy International has extended the appeal of its ProphecyOpen suite by developing a dynamic web extension that allows simple deployment of e-business solutions on
the Internet.

Unlike rival approaches that add a web-like mask to existing products, Prophecy has designed a module that gives its ProphecyOpen software a pure web look and feel for delivering business-to-business (B2B) and business-to-consumer (B2C) applications.

In line with the fully tailorable design of ProphecyOpen, the web extension is completely dynamic, which means that if the underlying business processes are enhanced or changed, the web browser screens automatically reflect the change.

Prophecy International Chief Executive Officer Ed Reynolds said the dynamic nature of the ProphecyOpen Web Interface module was unique. "Time is everthing on the Internet, so this makes it much easier for our clients to do business online," he said.

"What frustrated us was that most web interface software meant you had to write code for every screen, which is a slow and expensive approach. What we have done is dramatically lower the cost and time of enterprises introducing e-commerce business processes."

Prophecy International is an Australian-based multinational technology innovator that markets its breakthrough ProphecyOpen object-oriented software through a global distributor that reaches more than 20 countries. Prophecy's software is installed at more than 850 sites globally.

The Java-based development was achieved with Prophecy's ProphecyOpen Object Framework technology, which means that every third party software developer using the Framework for application development can obtain and deploy the web interface module for their products. Increasingly other companies are using the ProphecyOpen Object Framework to develop their own modules and products.

The ProphecyOpen Web Interface module allows customers to access data stored in ProphecyOpen Finanicals or in fact any application built using the Framework.

A scenario demonstrating the benefits of this innovation is, enabling field staff to enter order details, identify stock availability and search the status of existing orders from the browser on any web-enabled device. The integration of the web "front end" with ProphecyOpen greatly reduces the cost and complexity of supporting these field staff.


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