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Prophecy Brews Java Alliance to Web-Enrich its Business Software Suite
Released 25 February 2000

Australian software innovator Prophecy International has unveiled a strategy to add new levels of Internet richness to its breakthrough products by redeveloping them with the Java programming language.

Through an alliance with Sun Microsystems Australia, ASX-listed Prophecy will completely redevelop its Object-Oriented software with Java and also produce offshoot e-business applications for the worldwide market.

The move takes advantage of the inherent Web-enablement of the Java programming language as well as its widespread, multi-platform appeal.

Prophecy has established the alliance with Sun through the Federal Government's Partnerships for Development program. Sun will provide Prophecy with hardware, software and services to redevelop its ProphecyOpen Object Framework and Business software with Java.

Prophecy will also develop e-business applications for the global market, delivered online using the Application Software Provider (ASP) model.

Java development has exploded in recent years, with Sun estimating that there are now more than 1.7 million Java developers worldwide.

Prophecy International chief executive officer Ed Reynolds said the adoption of the Java language was a strategic move for the company that could open a floodgate of interest in international markets. "Java is forecast to become the number one language for software development this century," he said.

"The alliance with Sun gives us the opportunity to harness this technology to ensure the sustainability of Prophecy's products in years to come.

"Sun also expects to gain significant export credits for its Federal PDF obligations as a result of overseas sales of the newly-developed products."

For Prophecy, the decision continues its strategy of embracing full Open Systems support in its products. To date, ProphecyOpen has been developed with the CA-Ingres OpenRoad toolset.

Java is a platform-independent software language which was originally developed for domestic appliances such as toasters and microwaves. It is now the prevalent language for developing applications to run on the Internet and is proclaimed as ideal for the new age of network computing.

In addition to its local alliance with Sun, Prophecy will demonstrate its software suite to senior Sun executives in California with a view to exploit the full potential of a Java version in the major world territories.

Prophecy employs more than 80 staff in offices in Australia, the United Kingdom, the United States, Singapore and Malaysia.

Prophecy sells its financial, application development toolset and utility billing software in high growth international markets through a distribution network that covers more than 20 countries. Its software is installed at 850 sites for more than 350 customers worldwide.

Some 80 per cent of Prophecy's revenue is derived from overseas exports. Strong areas of penetration include the United Kingdom, North America, South East Asia, South Africa and Australia.



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