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Prophecy Malaysia Delivers Doorstep Billing to the World
Released 19 December 2000

Prophecy Asia-Pacific (M) Sdn Bhd has achieved international recognition with a package developed for Malaysia that allows water meter readers to issue on-the-spot bills using handheld devices.

The Doorstep Billing module, initially developed for SAJ Holdings Sdn Bhd (Johor Water), is now available as a standard component of the Prophecy BASIS utility customer information solution which is distributed globally.

Since it deployed the Doorstep Billing module in May this year, Johor Water has reported an improvement in revenue collection. It has also reduced the number of errors through on the spot recording of details by meter readers.

Prophecy Asia Pacific has also sold the module to Jabatan Air Sabah (Sabah Water), the government-owned water supplier for Sabah, where it will go live before Christmas.

Prophecy Asia Pacific manager Mr. Andy Wong said the product had generated interest from companies internationally. "We have received a number of inquiries from the Philippines," he said. "We also see that it may have appeal in Eastern Europe where the economic problems of that region make 'doorstep billing' an attractive option."

Prophecy Asia Pacific is the Kuala Lumpur-based division of an internationally successful software company, Prophecy International, which provides financial and enterprise software solutions that are fast and reliable to implement.
The company supports clients throughout Malaysia and in other countries in the region, in industries ranging from water supply and construction to retailing.

Mr. Wong said the Doorstep Billing module was developed for Johor Water to address the problem of undelivered bills in some regions.

"In some areas, the postal system is unreliable because the addresses of certain properties is not formally registered," he said.

"As a result, there is a downturn in debt collection because posted bills were often lost. Doorstep Billing allows the meter readers to produce the bill on the spot, which reduces the turnaround time for payment and reduces the impact of bills getting lost."

Prophecy International has also decided to include the Doorstep Billing module as a standard option within its Prophecy BASIS solution, which is marketed globally.

Prophecy has gained international attention from its breakthrough ProphecyOpen e-Foundation technology, which enables any major organization to design and deploy an enterprise wide software solution in a very short timeframe.

The Prophecy e-Foundation offers a rapid application assembly environment to create fully tailored software solutions for the enterprise in a short timeframe. It is used by organizations ranging from US-based Internet travel agency to the ANZ Bank in Australia.



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