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Prophecy Slashes Cost and Risk of
Released 5 June 2000

Listed enterprise software multinational Prophecy International has slashed the cost and reduced the risk of rolling out an e-Business initiative.

The Australian company has unveiled a dynamic e-Business Portal that enables companies using its software to automatically deploy B2B (business-to-business) and B2C (business-to-consumer) transactions on the Internet.

As well as lowering the risk for online commerce initiatives, the ProphecyOpen e-Business Portal eliminates the need to duplicate enterprise business systems for the Internet and avoids the current approach of "bolting on" mask-like Web interfaces.

Prophecy International markets its ProphecyOpen object-oriented software through a global distribution network that reaches more than 20 countries. Prophecy's software is installed at more than 850 sites globally.

Prophecy International executive director Alan Greig said the ProphecyOpen e-Business Portal reduced the cost, complexity and risk of putting transactions online. "The meltdown has highlighted the risk that bricks-and-mortar companies face when choosing partners to put their businesses online," he said. "We bring to the e-commerce marketplace the stability of a company which has been profitable for 20 years combined with the low cost, low risk ProphecyOpen e-Business Portal.

"What we have done is produce an extension of our enterprise software that delivers a pure Web look and feel to information and transactions that are delivered by the Net. Beyond that, companies only need a bit of Web window dressing to make their site graphically consistent with their corporate image."

The ProphecyOpen e-Business Portal is completely dynamic, so that if business processes are changed in the ProphecyOpen enterprise solution, the screens viewed by Web browsers will update automatically to reflect the change.
Customers internationally have responded enthusiastically to initial presentations of the ProphecyOpen e-Business Portal.

This appeal will also deliver additional licensing revenue opportunities for Prophecy by providing the same benefits to companies that use its ProphecyOpen Object Framework technology to develop their own commercial business solutions. The ProphecyOpen e-Business Portal delivers access to data or transactions for any application built using the Framework.



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