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Jessica Adds Punch to Prophecy
Released September 2001

Multinational software developer Prophecy International has promoted its leading applications manager to the executive ring to support the company's regional focus.

Kick-boxing enthusiast Jessica Gadsby, a three-year veteran with Prophecy, has stepped up to the position of Group Manager Product Services to lend strategic support to Prophecy's regional and customer focus strategy from its corporate head office in Adelaide.

Prophecy, under the direction of new CEO Bruce Lakin, has strengthened the company's regional offices in Asia, Europe and America, in order to drive sales, backed up by product and technical support from its Adelaide headquarters.

Jessica is charged with leading a team of 30 through a process of strategic planning and improvement for all Prophecy's products.
"Prophecy is looking to further improve its customer service levels to support our regional sales initiatives, and to do that we need more integration between the technical and executive levels," she said.

"I'm looking forward to working with my team to develop more of a customer culture at Prophecy. My job is to more accurately define our products and services for our own benefit and for our customers. This means improving our internal service levels to our regional offices so they can in turn provide better service to our customers," she said.

Outside of work, Tasmanian-born Ms. Gadsby enjoys kick-boxing. "I love it! It's really great for visualising and getting your daily aggressions out," she said.

Jessica said she had a natural affininty for computers from an early age but her career almost took a totally different path. "I played the flute for 20 years and there are a lot of similarities between IT and music - patterns, mathematics, creativity and listening skills. I had a choice to continue with music or get into IT and chose IT because I find it really logical and I knew there would be more career opportunities for me," she said.

Jessica is currently on a working holiday in the UK where she will visit the Prophecy UK office to meet the team and discuss their future working relationship before heading to Ireland to relax.


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