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Keeping the Bastards Honest
Released 10 January 2001

Paul Blewett's interest in corporate law traces its origin to a harrowing brief he took from a convicted murderer.
Paul, recently appointed to the position of Group Legal Counsel for Australian software multinational Prophecy International, met the gentleman in question in a prison cell with a meeting table in the centre.

When he found himself sitting at the table with the convicted killer between him and the door - the only exit - he recognised a serious downside of practising criminal law. "I never sat on that side of the table again," he recalls.

Since then, Paul has recast his legal experience into the corporate area and most recently worked for mining giant Western Mining.

Mr Blewett joins Prophecy as the company experiences record growth, providing expertise in the review and negotiation of commercial contracts and ensuring the company's activities are in accordance with the legal systems of the more than 20 countries in which it operates. He takes over these responsibilities from Prophecy co-founder Brian Calvert who has retired, moving to a non-executive directorship.

"The attraction of joining a company like Prophecy was that it's an international, publicly listed company with operations around the world and a long standing Adelaide success story," he said.

Prophecy develops and distributes globally its e-Foundation products that enable clients to deploy powerful enterprise-wide information systems in a very short timeframe.

Mr Blewett cut his teeth at Prophecy in a crucial contract review role with ANZ Bank's Asset Finance division, which has selected Prophecy's e-Foundation technology to develop its finance system in a multi million-dollar Internet-based software project.

"It was an interesting project to work on as it is a major deal for Prophecy," he said. "The challenge was to create the documentation to address the unique project."

The deal with ANZ, expected to generate significant annual service revenues for Prophecy, was a major endorsement for Prophecy's unique technology, representing a significant milestone in the acceptance of its world-leading e-Foundation software as the cornerstone of large development projects.

Prophecy e-Foundation provides front-end e-commerce through to back-office e-business systems for organisations. Clients range from Sofia Water in Bulgaria and National Express coachlines in the UK to State of Colorado in the US.



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