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Sun Agreement to Lift Prophecy's World Exposure
Released 25 February 2002

Listed software developer Prophecy International (ASX: PRO) has created new sales opportunities in the US, and global marketing arena by signing a marketing agreement with IT giant Sun Microsystems.

Prophecy, which will release its breakthrough Java Framework application assembly tool, Velatte, in February 2002, will receive financial, technical and marketing support from Sun to deploy the new product on Sun computer platforms.

The Joint Marketing Agreement (JMA) will enable Prophecy to distribute Velatte through Sun channel partners. This will expose the product to large US corporations that might not otherwise recognise the value of Velatte, a Java-based rapid application assembly environment that enables large organisations to build Internet-enriched business solutions in weeks instead of months.

Sun has committed to assist Prophecy's Adelaide-based Research and Development Centre to port Velatte to the J2EE-compatible platform of Sun ONE as well as participating in joint engineering, business development and marketing initiatives.

Sun Microsystems heavily promotes its position as a world leader in Java Technology and will co-market Velatte to its channel partners.

Prophecy International World Wide Alliances Director, Joseph Slattery said the arrangement exploited the "natural synergy" between Prophecy's Java Framework software and the Sun ONE platform application server software.

"This provides Prophecy with a great opportunity to ensure Velatte is positioned as a leader in its market and is promoted globally," he said.

Mr. Slattery said the agreement leveraged Sun's credibility to the Prophecy brand. "If we were to go it alone, we risk becoming the small fish in a big pond, so working collaboratively with organisations such as Sun is an investment in the future", he said.

Prophecy's new arrangement with Sun in the US builds on a long-established relationship with the company's Australian arm. "This agreement is a long-term initiative to create export opportunities," said Mr. Slattery.

"Sun will expose Prophecy to a sector of the market with expenditure that Prophecy might never be able to compete for otherwise. Velatte is Prophecy's breakthrough design-and-run application assembly technology and Sun will ensure the right people know about it."


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