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Prophecy Lifts Legacy Software into 21C
Released 14 February 2003

Prophecy clients have responded strongly to an initiative that allows them to Internet-enable their legacy software without high costs or business disruption.

Prophecy has launched 'e-Foundation over Legacy', a powerful development solution that enables clients to bring their legacy business systems into the 21st century. This includes customising and web-enabling legacy information systems, without making major changes to the underlying software.

This breakthrough creates significant new business opportunities for Prophecy by substantially extending the life of legacy software while simultaneously improving its ease of use and ability to share information. The'e-Foundation over Legacy' solution works with most legacy systems that use an Ingres or Oracle database, providing hundreds of organisations with the opportunity to extend the life of their legacy IT systems without high costs or business disruption.

In the UK, where Prophecy has a strong presence in the local government and education marketplaces, these traditionally conservative technology purchasers can clearly see the benefit from web deployment of information especially given the e-Government initiative in place in the region.

Prophecy CEO Alan Greig said the value proposition was about delivering a high Return on Existing Investment. "One of the biggest challenges in today's market is getting businesses to invest in new systems," he said. "Our customers are happy to retain our legacy products because they do the job well. Where we can help is in the presentation of the information, web enablement of business processes and improved accessibility of data.

"Our 'e-Foundation over Legacy' initiative enables organisations to modernise the look, feel and performance of legacy software installations without the cost or disruption of replacing the entire system. They keep what is still working, but it looks and operates like a brand new solution."

The 'e-Foundation over Legacy' initiative is providing Prophecy customers with an innovative solution to the challenges presented by operating legacy business information systems, some of which are a decade old.

Prophecy has achieved this breakthrough with the 'e-Foundation over Legacy' solution, which delivers increased Return on Existing Investment by:
" Greater ease of use through a customised Graphic User Interface (GUI)
" Creating brand new queries and better tailored existing queries
" Web-enabling the current system for e-business applications.

Mr. Greig said the 'e-Foundation over Legacy' initiative went well beyond a simple face-lift for legacy applications. "For example, when it is used on a 1990s product such as Prophecy Classic, it takes that rich functionality from the finance department to the entire enterprise," he said.

The e-Foundation initiative has already delivered success for UK-based transport company, First Group. First Group, which has bus and rail operations in the UK, USA and Canada. Its five Prophecy Classic sites have more than 200 users.
Prophecy UK has demonstrated to First Group how 'e-Foundation over Legacy' simplified current processes such as matching purchase orders, cheque reconciliation, integrating with Excel, report writing, browser layouts and web deployment. 'e-Foundation over Legacy' extends the expected lifetime of First Group's Prophecy Classic implementation by at least three years. The increased functionality promises significant savings to deliver a payback in less than 12 months.



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