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ProphecyOpen changes to fit your business needs. You do not need to change your business to fit the software.

ProphecyOpen is the business application or, 'enterprise solution' covering Financials, Procurement, Distribution and Assets.

ProphecyOpen alows users to assemble their own software applications using a library of business object components. ProphecyOpen Business Applications are delivered in a ready to use state and can be implemented with minimal technical knowledge.

ProphecyOpen components are developed using object oriented technology, giving a much more efficient system internally and providing objects which users can use, re-use and manipulate to build their own financials or other systems.

ProphecyOpen business applications, utilising the Framework to develop additional functionality that specifically addresses customer needs, and form the foundation for a complete business solution. It offers unprecedented adaptability and flexibility, without the need to employ armies of programmers to create a system which fits their needs.

e-Foundation ProphecyOpen Brochure (PDF 828KB)
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